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Dr. Jenny Liu

Dr. Jenny Liu grew up in Richmond, B.C. Upon receiving her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Waterloo, she attended the Illinois College of Optometry where she earned her Doctor of Optometry degree with Honors in Magna Cum Laude.

Her appreciation for vision therapy and amblyopia treatment began when she was six years old. She was diagnosed with anisometropic amblyopia which is a cause of lazy eye due to unequal eye glass prescription between her eyes. Her personal story has helped her gain empathy towards to those who struggled with strabismus, amblyopia, or binocular disorders and has encouraged her to pursue a career where she can be of help.

During her time at the Illinois College of Optometry, she completed externships in Vancouver, B.C., Chicago, Minnesota, and Florida. She discovered her passion for specialty contact lenses and traumatic brain injury (TBI) during her time at theses externships. At her externship at the University of Minnesota, she worked with TBI patients extensively and guided them through their healing journeys. As an avid scleral lens wearer herself, she enjoyed fitting specialty lenses to help patients achieve the best vision possible, whether the patients have dry eyes, post-corneal transplant, corneal scars, or keratoconus.

Dr. Jenny Liu is proficient in completing eye exams in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. In her free time, she enjoys leather crafting, biking, and cooking.

Dr. Melissa Yeung

Dr. Melissa Yeung offers comprehensive eye care to both children and adults with a focus in vision therapy, neurorehabilitation and pediatrics. CLICK BIO FOR FULL BIO