TVTO is located beside Fairview Mall at 5 Fairview Mall Dr., Suite 410, Toronto, Ontario M2J 2Z1

Opening Hours : By Appointment Only. Phone Answered Daily 10am-5pm
  Contact : 416.498.3438

Eye Health

Our doctors are committed to providing outstanding eye care in a caring environment.

We always put our patients first and provide treatment options that address not only present concerns but future concerns as well. We advocate prevention of both eye disease and glasses prescription changes. We are one of a few clinics in the GTA that offers in-office Vision Therapy.

Offering Vision Therapy allows our team to address visual needs that are not solved by glasses and contact lenses. We use Vision Therapy to improve the lives of a wide range of patients. Vision Therapy can be helpful for patients who want to prevent myopic progression, have dyslexia or have vision related learning problems, suffer from computer or reading eye-strain, have a lazy eye (amblyopia), have a crossed eye (strabismus), have had a Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury (TBI or ABI), are autistic or are athletes wanting to improve their hand-eye coordination.

Our glasses and contact lens dispensary provides patients with fashionable, new technology and high quality products. We want to ensure our patients have access to the  best lens technology that will suit their needs which is why “Quality” is the first word that comes to mind when we talk about our products.

Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry is a multicultural office and services are offered in English, French and Cantonese.