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My Son Developed a Love for School After Doing Vision Therapy

Before Vision Therapy, our 5-year-old son did not like school and was struggling to learn how to read. He repeatedly fell off chairs and bumped into furniture at home. He always fell off his bike anytime we went riding.

Since working with Dr. Melissa Yeung at Toronto Vision Therapy, our son’s life has changed dramatically. He has developed a love for school and has become an excellent reader.

No longer does he fear riding his bike, nor does he hesitate to go on adventures on the playground. It was so clear that when his eyes improved, his coordination and ability to read improved too. Our little boy is so confident now. Thank you for all of your hard work, Dr. Yeung!

~ Karen W.

Transition to Online Sessions was Seamless!

Our 2 boys, with different needs and limitations, have both greatly benefited from going through vision therapy at Dr. Eryou’s clinic.

One of the boys has a permanent disability in one of his eyes limiting the field of vision by about a third. With vision therapy, the field of vision improved markedly.

The second boy has a diagnosed learning disability associated with reading and written expression. His treatment included the integration of several primitive reflexes, improving visual perception skills and visual memory, as well as improving ocular tracking abilities. Our boy has made huge improvements not only to his writing abilities but also to his overall physical abilities. His body became much more flexible, and as a result, he is better at sports, swimming, skiing, etc.

Our boys were thoroughly and competently assessed by Dr. Eryou in 2019. Dr. Eryou is a natural with children. She has a way of connecting with them, to make them feel comfortable.

After the initial assessments, our boys started their vision therapy sessions with Maxine, their vision therapist. The sessions then moved online when the pandemic was declared. Maxine mailed us the special equipment that both boys needed to perform their home exercises. She was efficient in conducting the numerous exercises, no time was wasted. She is funny and likes to laugh, and she developed a close rapport with both boys. They were then keen to follow her instructions. The online therapy sessions went very well. The boys enjoyed these online sessions and I heard them laughing often.

If you or your child need vision therapy, I highly recommend Dr. Eryou’s clinic.

~ S.D.

9-year-old boy with ADHD, overcomes his struggle with reading “10-fold” with vision therapy.

Our 9-year-old son, who has a diagnosis of ADHD and a learning disability, was struggling academically with reading and comprehension. He would skip words, read sentences in the wrong order and was constantly losing his place on the page. While his therapy started in person, when COVID hit, he made a seamless transition to online therapy.

The Vision Therapy program is VERY easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions for the child and parents supplied after the session, complimenting what was done during the session.  

If our son struggled with a particular exercise or concept, Maxine took the time to understand the how and the why. She was extremely patient with him, especially on the days he didn’t feel like doing anything! Not every day was a breeze – this program challenged our son in many ways. But, with consistency and constant feedback from both Maxine and Dr. April, we are proud to say that he completed the program with flying colours. His reading has improved 10-fold and he’s happily reading chapter books at bedtime. He also improved dramatically at school as well. He is much calmer and in control – he finally understands what he’s reading and can follow along in class. His attention span has increased as well since he’s not as fidgety as he once was.

I would not hesitate to recommend this program to any parents on the fence.

~ Anna L.

Sports Vision Therapy Continues Online during Covid Shutdown 

“During the first few weeks of the Covid quarantine, our 2006 Minor Bantam AAA Mississauga Sens’ team had the privilege of working with Dr. April on Vision Therapy. She inspired the players to feel comfortable to try new exercises and expand their vision. She made it easy for the coaches to understand why vision therapy can give you an edge over your opponents, and she was always encouraging with the kids. April made it fun. The feedback from all of our parents was positive, and while all the players saw improvements, the coaches noticed major improvements and buy-in from the goalies.  We really enjoyed working with April and can say for certain that vision therapy is a great tool to set you apart in hockey. We’d recommend vision training to anyone looking for that edge.” ~ Coach Nick

2 Kids and How Vision Therapy Changed Their Lives!

We always thought that our daughter’s lazy eye would be something she would have to live with forever. However, when we found Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry, Dr Eryou and Maxine showed us that through a series of fun and engaging exercises, her vision could be greatly improved. Not only have they corrected my daughter’s lazy eye, but at age 8 she is now reading at an adult’s speed! We were so impressed with her results that we also had our son assessed by the vision therapy team, and he is also reading at a much faster speed than before. Both of our kids are now able to read for longer stretches without tiring and are absorbing and processing textual information at a much faster rate. Vision therapy has also enhanced their hand-eye coordination which has helped in all their athletic activities. Most importantly, their self-confidence and motivation to learn and explore the world has been boosted thanks to vision therapy.

My kids’ experience with Maxine and Dr. Eryou was so amazing that they even created a video to encourage other kids to try vision therapy. Thank you so much, you have changed the lives of both my kids! ~ SQ

Great Progress as a Result of Vision Therapy

“Our son has made great progress as a result of vision therapy. Previously, he would have trouble focusing and found he got tired easily when working on homework or school work. We have seen some big changes in him, and recently he received a very good report card and importantly he received E (excellent) and G (good) in terms of his effort across most subjects. He has also had more success in sports that he loves, reporting that he has greater accuracy when shooting for the basket or hitting or throwing a baseball. All of this has been very good for his confidence.”  ~ GM

Vision Therapy was a Life Changer for My Daughter

“Vision Therapy was a life changer for my daughter. Maxine was very patient, creative, enthusiastic and committed throughout all the sessions. Jacqueline not only improved her reading and overall performance at school, but became a happier and more confident child. Without hesitation, I recommend the services offered at Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry. All the staff are very professional, thorough, caring and knowledgeable.”  ~ Ana

说实在的,这是我第一次在网上写客户感言。我在加拿大十几年,见过不同的医护人员,家庭医生,产科医生,儿科医生,急诊科医生,住院医生,眼医,牙医以及各种各样的Walk-in 医生,只有Toronto Vision Therapy & Optometry 给了我很不一样的就诊经历和体验。而且我觉得这一次一定要褒扬一下 Dr. April 和 Maxine 已及她们的诊所。想起最初的时候,当知道我儿子的眼睛需要治疗时,我都有点慌了,眼睛是多么重要啊,找什么医生呢?在哪里找呢?而且OHIP是不包Vision Therapy,又没有医疗保险。当我带着我儿子来到这诊所时,Dr. April 和 Maxine她们俩的专业知识和诚恳友好的交谈给了我很大的信心。开始疗程后,更加可以感受到她们是怎么用心去帮助我儿子,教他怎么做眼睛的Exercises。头几周我就发现我儿子有了非常明显的改善到症状消失。现在我儿子按原定计划按时完成了疗程,Toronto Vision Therapy & Optometry还提供Follow up 服务。我由心里想,如果有朋友需要做VisionTherapy,我绝对会介绍他们到这里来。因为这里你完全可以感受真正贴心的医护关系,以及你会觉得钱花在这里绝对值得!


[ Translation – “To be honest, this is the first time I have written a customer testimonial on the Internet. I have been in Canada for more than a decade and have seen different health care workers, family doctors, obstetricians, pediatricians, emergency doctors, residents, ophthalmologists, dentists and a wide variety of Walk-in doctors, only Toronto Vision Therapy & Optometry gave me a very different experience and experience. And I think this time I have to celebrate Dr. April and Maxine’s clinic. When I think of the initial time, when I know that my son’s eyes need treatment, I am a little panicked. How important is the eye, what doctor? Where to find it? And OHIP does not include Vision Therapy, and there is no medical insurance. When I came to the clinic with my son, the professional knowledge and sincere and friendly conversation between Dr. April and Maxine gave me a lot of confidence. After starting the treatment, I can feel how they are trying to help my son and teach him how to do Eyes Exercises. In the first few weeks I found that my son had a very obvious improvement until the symptoms disappeared. Now my son has completed the treatment on time according to the original plan, and Toronto Vision Therapy & Optometry also provides Follow up service. I thought to myself, if there are friends who need to do VisionTherapy, I will definitely introduce them here. Because here you can feel the true caring relationship, and you will feel that spending money here is definitely worth it!” ~ A.O]

 How a tiny two and one half year old learned to fly like Superman!

“We were in very good hands from the moment we stepped in for our appointment for our toddler-aged daughter.”

“Dr. Eryou quickly helped us to understand that our daughter had retained her primitive reflexes and that integrating these reflexes would not only help to improve her physical development, but her experience as a learner in the classroom and beyond. They were very clear about the next steps that we needed to take – a series of exercises which, practiced with consistency, would help her move on to the next stage of her development. Maxine is a fantastic therapist who is both knowledgeable and caring. She provided a warm and caring atmosphere for my daughter. I am happy to say that with a few months of work, we were able to get our daughter to where she should be for her age – we look forward to staying on top of this with them. I highly recommend this practice.”  ~ R.J.

rd glasses

Vision Therapy is fun – and changed how I see the world in the most positive way!

Most of the time you hear about how vision gets worse when aging. For me in my thirties, it was so far the other way round, and after 5 months I am super motivated to do anything to continue that journey thanks to Toronto Vision Therapy.

Born with cataracts, having had both lenses removed as a baby (aphakia), having strabismus, amblyopia, and nystagmus the way I saw was for me the normal one, knowing that others see more and in a different way. Due to always challenging my eyes (biking, skiing, not always sitting in the first row in school), good care of eye-doctors and optometrists, my vision improved, from about 20% as child, to 30 % when graduating high school, to more than 60% in my late thirties.

Understanding more about the vision neural pathway helped me more to understand what I see and what I can’t see. Based on that, I got more and more curious about what would be possible.

When moving temporarily to Canada, my optometrist from home (Europe) pointed me at the great work done in Canada on Vision Therapy. I reached out to Toronto Vision Therapy, and from the first moment it was a great collaboration and experience. 

After a detailed assessment, Dr. April Eryou explained to me the situation and possible pathway and what might be achieved. I started the process and every session was empowering and motivating. Working with the vision therapist, Maxine, was lots of fun and I experienced many small steps how my vision improved by strengthening muscles and “reprogramming” how brain processes the input from my eyes.

Knowing that every percentage my vision gets better impacts my future life, I made the daily Vision Training a priority in my life. Calming down the nystagmus increased the distance I am able to read. Increasing the peripheral awareness brought many “wow effects” and confidence in traffic. Looking out of the window, the trees appear clearer and more impressive than ever before. Facing the person talking to more directly, helped in social settings.

Wearing red and green glasses during the training, looking at a ceiling light became an daily experience perceiving my own body, staring at a sticky note winking left and right eye and suddenly being able to keep the image still showed me that there might be the chance to focus on a target with both eyes at the same time. Trying out different colour filters (Syntonics), I experience how my brain is working hard on the new impressions it is challenged with. But each single small result is motivating to continue and in particular also to learn, understand and perceive how I am seeing.

Dr. Eryou has an incredible knowledge and applies the latest knowledge in this field, connecting to other experts, aiming to achieve the best results.

Leaving Canada, I know that my Vision Therapy journey will continue. Experiencing that I can reprogram my brain in how I see, empowers me to take other challenges in my life.

I know, that I have to do the training, but the Dr. Eryou and Maxine gave me the best exercises, tools, feedback and motivation.

Like this, every minute I spend on Vision Therapy positively changes the way how I see and perceive the world in many ways.


Ryan_photo“Vision therapy was the solution to my son’s ocular problems.”

I have a 10-year old son name Ryan that struggled with schoolwork since he started. He couldn’t settle down while doing his homework, he always wrote diagonally on a line and his sentences seems to be one big cluster of words.

These were just some of his problems until I found out that he has vision problems beyond his 20-20 vision. Apparently, he needed Vision Therapy to enhance his ocular motor and perception skills.

I went to Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry for an assessment and the staff there were very friendly, helpful and great to work with. April and Maxine explained everything that was wrong with my son’s ocular state and recommended the required treatment for it.

Vision therapy was the solution to my son’s ocular problems. It consisted of daily exercises that were easy, fun and required a minimal amount of time. At first, Ryan didn’t enjoy the fact that he had more ‘homework’ everyday but as he completed more and more of these eye exercises, he actually enjoyed it and he looked forward to doing his vision therapy homework. Best of all, it made our family bond even stronger and now I don’t have to hover over Ryan and tell him to write straight on the line.

The outcome was great. Ryan can now finally sit still and concentrate on his work without over-stressing his vision. Overall, both Ryan and I had a great experience at Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry and I recommend anybody who needs this treatment to enroll.  ~ G.P.

 “Vision Therapy is probably  the best thing I have agreed to do in my life”.

I have a condition called amblyopia, also known as Lazy Eye. It’s a development disorder where an eye doesn’t develop to its full capacity while the other eye does and occurs around infancy and childhood.

When I was around 5-6 years old, I noticed this when I closed my right eye and noticed that I didn’t see as well in the left. I told my parents but they thought it was just something in my eye. I don’t blame them at all because I was just a 5 year old, so they probably didn’t think it was anything to serious.

Fast forward a couple of years when I was 12. I told my parents this again so they decided to take me to my doctor. He said I most likely have Amblyopia, and recommended an eye doctor to see.

We went to a man (whose name I won’t mention) he confirmed that I had amblyopia. We asked about anything we could do to help fix this problem. This is probably the worst part. He said straight up, that there was nothing i could do, and I just need to deal with it for the rest of my life.

This was really annoying to hear from a doctor and really upset my parents who thought it was their fault. I was also upset at this, but luckily my parents did not give up on helping me. We went to many other doctors who all told us that i could fix the problem in time, with a lot of practice of using the eye.

One of my doctors said that I should go to vision therapy. I was very skeptical at first, but agreed to go. It was horrible at first because in order to go, I learned that I needed to use contact lenses instead of just glasses which horrified me at the time. So over the course of about 2 weeks I learned to wear contacts which I can put on easily now, and I think I like them better than glasses.

Fast forward again another few months and I was at Toronto Vision Therapy on my first session. I did a few exercises and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, until a few weeks in, I did an exercise that changed the way I saw. The exercise involved me staring into a device which used both of my eyes to work together to look at a picture.

At first it was hard to get my eyes to work together, but then I could do it in a matter of seconds! That was when I first realized I saw, in 3D. The way that the pictures looked where so amazing! One that stood out a lot was a red frog whose legs felt like they were sticking out and i felt as if i could just reach out and touch it!

It was just a really amazing experience! Now whenever I do the exercise my eyes have learned to work together instantly!

I’m still doing vision therapy, and will be for a while, but I’d say that it was all worth doing. My eye might never be perfect, but even if it won’t be, I’ll strive to get it as good as it can be, and prove to that first doctor that I did it.  ~ H.P. 

 John’s Journey  | Vision is learned and can be worked on and improved.

“I decided to undertake a course of vision therapy because I wanted to increase the rate at which I process visual information.”

Vision therapy allowed me to achieve my goal and to gain an awareness of the following:
There were visual skills I had not yet mastered (e.g. horizontal eye tracking, looking softly).
Vision is learned and can be worked on and improved.
(I thought everyone who isn’t blind could process visual information as fast and as well as anyone else)
My visual system is delicate in nature (If I am tired or anxious, my visual system becomes significantly impaired).
My anxiety, my visual processing difficulties and the lack of confidence in my visual system exacerbated one another.
My anxiety, my visual system and my confidence are under my control.

April and Maxine are excellent facilitators of the vision therapy process and truly care about their patients.

“I highly recommend a course of vision therapy at Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry for anyone wanting to improve their visual system.”

superbunny_130x130  Curtis and Super Bunny Prove Anything is Possible

Hi, I’m Curtis. In the beginning, I didn’t know there was a problem with my vision until my last check up. Little did I know I had a convergence disorder. At first, I was curious of how they can fix such a problem. They gave me a few tips on how I might be able to cure this disorder by doing pencil push-ups, just to see how big of the issue my condition was. As weeks moved on, pencil push-ups weren’t enough and, therefore, we proceed with the Vision therapy.

“Toronto Vision Therapy really helped me not only with my condition but with my other lack of skills, such as my lack of confidence.”

In the first week of Vision Therapy, I was very nervous because I wasn’t sure if I were capable of performing the task correctly. But as weeks pass by, I started to feel more comfortable. Every single week, my instructor Maxine was always positive to see me. Knowing that, it felt good inside in me every week. The exercises were full of fun if you tried your best. However some of them were a bit difficult to do, but nothing is impossible to do. Maxine has made the exercise fun by showing me different ways of doing the task, pictures and much more. Maxine was very supportive not only of my condition but my personal life as well.  The one exercise I liked the most was the ones with the touchscreen television. Not only you get to work with technology as well, you also get to make it even harder and to your standers, eg: putting “super rabbit” on your head to keep good posture. I liked how they provide you materials base on your likings eg: if you’re interested in animals, they would provide text for you to read about animals instead of subjects your not so interested about. Toronto Vision Therapy really helped me not only with my condition but with my other lack of skills, such as my lack of confidence. What I liked about the place is that it’s an open area, where you can just talk about anything you want.  The instructors and doctors are really positive and want you to do the best by not fully pushing you but telling you that you can do anything. Maxine has shown me that anything is possible if you try first. You may not succeed the first time but as you practice and practice it gets better later on.