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Vision Therapy

TVTO Lead Vision Therapist

Maxine Jelilyan

Health, Happiness and Gratitude are words that best describe Maxine and her outlook on life. Grateful for every experience life has given her, and all the lessons learned, have formed who she is today. Helping others is second nature and has been practiced over many volunteer positions, fundraising projects and through her work life – most recently in her career as Lead Vision Therapist at Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry.

“After many years in the corporate world, making money for big business, I realized that what was missing from my life was the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives. I started in optometry years ago, working in the dispensary, and enjoyed it because it was fun to help people look good, and see well. In adding to my role in the dispensary, as Vision Therapist, I have uncovered my true calling. Helping people to learn to hone their visual skills directly impacts the quality of their lives. The happiness and gratitude I get back from the breakthroughs in the clinic are so rewarding that I can’t imagine being in a more meaningful career.”

With an eye toward all things health related, and a particular interest in helping patients better their lives through Vision Therapy, Maxine is thrilled to be part of the team at Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry, and part of this great community of Vision Therapists and Behavioural Optometrists.


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