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Vision Therapists


Maxine Jelilyan | TVTO Lead Vision Therapist

Health, Happiness and Gratitude are words that best describe Maxine and her outlook on life. Grateful for every experience life has given her, and all the lessons learned, have formed who she is today. Helping others is second nature and has been practiced over many volunteer positions, fundraising projects and through her work life – most recently in her career as Lead Vision Therapist at Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry.

“After many years in the corporate world, making money for big business, I realized that what was missing from my life was the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives. I started in optometry years ago, working in the dispensary, and enjoyed it because it was fun to help people look good, and see well. In adding to my role in the dispensary, as Vision Therapist, I have uncovered my true calling. Helping people to learn to hone their visual skills directly impacts the quality of their lives. The happiness and gratitude I get back from the breakthroughs in the clinic are so rewarding that I can’t imagine being in a more meaningful career.”

With an eye toward all things health related, and a particular interest in helping patients better their lives through Vision Therapy, Maxine is thrilled to be part of the team at Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry and part of this great community of Vision Therapists and Behavioural Optometrists.




Katherine Viacrusis  | TVTO Vision Therapist

Having always been curious even in her younger years, it wasn’t a big surprise when Kat ended up working in the field of Science. Working in the healthcare industry for the past 8 years as a Nurse and a published Vaccine Researcher had allowed her the opportunity to discover things that have helped people’s lives get better from behind the scenes.

Coming to Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry initially as part of the front desk team, she had rediscovered the joy of being in the front line of helping people get better and feel better about themselves.

And now as part of the Vision Therapy team, the desire to be able to help people in their journey to having better vision had been even greater. For her, seeing patients come to therapy each week all excited and ready to take on their next challenge is the greatest reward she could ever get.



 Kelsey Ykema | TVTO Vision Therapist

Kelsey has always known she wanted to help people and her own life’s journey has led her to a career as a vision therapist. Having personally lived with vision impairments her whole life she has been through the vision therapy program, giving her the ability to relate and connect with her patients and has given her a deeper understanding of what her patients are experiencing.

Vision Therapy has helped Kelsey improve her reading, comprehension, schoolwork, and sports. Kelsey has an Honours Bachelor’s degree from Brock University in Child and Youth Studies with a Psychology Minor.

Throughout university, Kelsey volunteered for various reading programs helping children improve their reading skills: Let’s Read, Reading Rocks, Sunshine, Learning, Achievement & More. Kelsey is a Brock University certified tutor and enjoys helping children reach their full potential. Kelsey is excited to take the vision journey with her patients and support them along the way. Kelsey’s passion is to improve people’s lives by improving their vision.