TVTO is located beside Fairview Mall at 5 Fairview Mall Dr., Suite 410, Toronto, Ontario M2J 2Z1

Opening Hours : Mon-Tues: Open @ Noon / Wed-Sat: Open @ 9:30am
  Contact : 416.498.3438

Vision Therapy

Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry  |  The Vision to Change Lives.

Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry is a multicultural office and services are offered in English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese. Our doctors are committed to providing outstanding eye care in a caring environment. We are one of a few clinics in the GTA that offers in-office Vision Therapy – allowing our team to address visual needs that are not solved by glasses and contact lenses. Located centrally in the city of Toronto, with easy access by road or TTC, Toronto Vision Therapy and Optometry is defining itself as an office where integrity, compassion and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind the success of the practice. Call us at 416.498.3438 to discuss your eye care needs.

Here are few informative Vision Therapy videos worth watching.

TED Talk – “Fixing My Gaze.” – Dr. Sue Barry

TED Talk – “Curing Learning Related Vision Problems.”